Best Cooling Mattresses 2021 – Top 9 Picks for Hot Sleepers!

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Brooklyn Aurora –
Brooklyn Bedding Coupon: Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save 20%

Helix –
Helix Mattress Coupon: Click link to save up to $200

Saatva –
Saatva Coupon: Click link to save $200

Leesa –
Leesa Mattress Coupon – Click link to save up to $200

DreamCloud –
DreamCloud Coupon: Click link to get free sheets and pillows with purchase

Idle Latex Hybrid –
Idle Sleep Coupon: Click link to save 30% on your purchase

WinkBed –
WinkBed Coupon: Click link to save $300

Bear Pro –
Bear Mattress Coupon: Use code SLEEPOPOLIS to save 20%

Layla –
Layla Mattress Coupon: Click link to save $160

Are you a hot sleeper that has to kick off the covers every night because you’re overheating and sweating? Our list of the best cooling mattresses of 2021 will help you sleep comfortably throughout the night!

We maintain an affiliate relationship with some of the products reviewed, which means we get a percentage of a sale if you click over from our site (at no cost to our readers). See our full disclosures here:

0:00 Best Cooling Mattresses
0:58 Editor’s Choice
1:42 Best Cooling Hybrid Mattress
2:29 Best Innerspring Mattress for Hot Sleepers
3:06 Best Cooling Mattress for Back Sleepers
3:52 Best Cooling Mattress for Couples
4:26 Best Cooling Latex Mattress
5:03 Best Mattress for Back Pain and Cooling
5:44 Best Cooling Memory Foam Mattress
6:33 Best Soft Cooling Mattress

For more information check out the written portion on Sleepopolis:

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