Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Mattress Review – The Best Cooling Hybrid?

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If you are looking for a high-end mattress that will keep you cool at night, pay attention! We’re here to talk about the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review.

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0:00 Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Overview
1:09 Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Construction
2:22 Firmness And Feel
3:02 Sleeping Positions
3:34 Pressure Map
4:08 Motion Transfer
4:42 Edge Support
5:13 Who Should Get The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora?
5:52 Who Shouldn’t Get The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora?
6:32 Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Vs Signature
7:22 How To Unbox The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress
7:54 Additional Information
8:21 Is The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora A Good Mattress?
8:33 Can You Flip The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora?
8:46 How Long Will The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Last?
8:54 Wrap-Up

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora features cooling features such as Phase Change Material and gel infusions. These make it a great fit for hot sleepers.

Also, the mattress comes in three firmness options. We reviewed the Medium model and thought it was great for back sleepers. If you want something softer or firmer you can try the other two models.
Finally, coming from Brooklyn Bedding, it is a good value. They own their own factory, so they are able to pass the saving on to you, the customer.

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