Casper Mattress vs Casper Hybrid Review – Which Casper Mattress Is Best? (2020 UPDATE)

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Casper –
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Can’t decide between the Casper and Casper Hybrid? Well, we’re here to make it an easy decision!

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0:00 Casper Vs Casper Hybrid Mattress Review
0:29 Casper Mattress Similarities
0:57 Casper and Casper Hybrid Mattress Differences
1:28 Construction Comparison
2:52 Firmness And Feel
3:45 Sleeping Positions
5:04 Pressure Map
5:25 Motion Transfer And Edge Support
6:15 Who Should Get The Casper?
6:31 Who Should Get The Casper Hybrid?
7:04 Unboxing
7:43 Which Casper Mattress Is Better?
8:04 Which mattress sleeps cooler?
8:20 Which mattress is more affordable?
8:30 Wrap-Up
The Casper and Casper Hybrid are both very similar and feature the same comfort layers. The main difference is that the Casper has polyfoam in its base layer, and the Casper Hybrid has support coils. Also, the Casper is more affordable than the Casper Hybrid.

The Casper is going to work better for lightweight sleepers, those who don’t need as much support, and those who want to save money. The Casper Hybrid will be better for larger people and those who need more support. It will also be better for hot sleepers.

For more information on both mattresses, read our full written mattress comparison:

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