Dreamfoam Chill Mattress Review – The Coolest Value Mattress?

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Are you looking for an affordable, cooling mattress? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re here to talk about the Dreamfoam Chill mattress.

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0:00 Dreamfoam Chill Mattress Overview
1:18 Dreamfoam Chill Construction
2:27 Firmness and Feel
3:15 Sleeping Positions
3:40 Pressure Map
4:13 Motion Transfer
4:53 Edge Support
5:25 Who Should Get The Dreamfoam Chill?
5:58 Who Shouldn’t Get The Dreamfoam Chill?
6:30 Dreamfoam Chill vs. Brooklyn Bedding Signature
7:33 How To Unbox The Dreamfoam Chill?
8:07 Additional Info
8:34 Where Is The Dreamfoam Mattress Made?
8:42 Can You Flip A Dreamfoam Chill Mattress?
8:54 How Long Will The Dreamfoam Mattress Last?
9:06 Wrap-up

The Dreamfoam Chill is part of Brooklyn Bedding’s new line of value mattresses. The Chill is one of their models that is made specifically with hot sleepers in mind.

It also comes in five heights, and we reviewed the 12” model. This model has a great balance of comfort and support and should work for most back sleepers.

Stomach sleepers might want to go for one of the thinner models. Heavier people and those who need a more durable mattress might need to look elsewhere.

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