GhostBed vs Casper Mattress Review – Head to Head Comparison!

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If you’re deciding whether to get a Casper mattress or a GhostBed mattress, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, I’ll explain some of the features that give each mattress its unique feel. I’ll also dive into each bed’s construction, firmness, and more.

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0:00 Casper vs GhostBed
0:56 Similarities
1:49 What is the Casper made of?
2:40 What is the GhostBed made of?
3:39 How firm is the Casper mattress?
4:38 What does the GhostBed feel like?
5:11 Casper vs Casper Hybrids
6:00 GhostBed vs GhostBed Flex vs GhostBed Luxe vs GhostBed 3D Matrix
6:40 Which is Better: Casper vs GhostBed

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