Helix vs Nectar Mattress – Which Should You Choose? (2020 Review)

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Can’t decide between the Helix mattress and Nectar mattress? Well, we’re here to make your decision an easy one!

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0:00 Helix vs Nectar Mattress Overview
0:29 Mattress Similarities
1:05 Mattress Differences
1:41 Construction Comparison
3:12 Firmness And Feel
3:55 Sleeping Positions
4:56 Pressure Map
5:20 Motion Transfer And Edge Support
6:11 Who Should Get The Helix Midnight Mattress?
6:41 Who Should Get The Nectar Mattress?
7:14 Mattress Unboxing
7:51 Wrap-Up

The Helix Midnight and Nectar mattresses are both very comfortable, but they will be better for different types of sleepers.

The Helix Midnight should be better for back sleepers and hot sleepers who need a more breathable mattress. Also, if you like a balanced foam feel, the Helix Night will be a good pick.

The Nectar should work better for fans of memory foam and side sleepers as well. If you simply prefer a soft mattress, it should be the way to go.

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