Idle Gel Plush Mattress Review (2020)

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To learn the real deal about the Idle Gel Plush I put it through my in-depth review. I’m going to check out its construction and firmness level. I’ll also put it through a series of tests to see how well it does in terms of pressure, relief, motion transfer, and edge support.

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0:00 Idle Sleep Gel Plush Mattress Review
0:43 How firm is the Idle Gel Plush
2:24 Testing the Idle Gel Plush
5:10 What is the Idle Gel Plush made of?
6:48 Idle Gel Plush vs Gel Foam vs Hybrid vs Hybrid Latex
8:15 Do you need a box spring with the Idle Gel Plush?
8:34 Can you flip the Idle Gel Plush?
9:03 How long will the Idle Gel Plush mattress last?
9:34 Is the Idle Gel Plush good?
10:21 Idle Gel Plush complaints
10:56 Idle Sleep Policies

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