Plushbed Mattress Review

Did you know that the type and quality of mattress you use affects your sleep? The best mattresses today are made from latex and while many manufacturers claim to have 100% latex mattresses, none comes close to the Plushbed Botanical Bliss mattress. A section of the market is even terming the Plushbed mattress as the new standard for latex mattresses. Today, we look at what makes these mattresses the most sort after in the market. Keep reading to the end of this article for an unbiased review of the Plushbed Botanical Bliss mattress.

The mattresses from Plushbed have a unique feel to them and despite the fact that they are not for everyone, most people agree that they are some of the best in the market. No matter the type of mattress you get from Plushbed, they are durable and they offer great value for your money.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Plushbed Mattress

  • -The mattresses are 100% natural/organic
  • - Great value for your money
  • -Temperature regulation
  • -25-year warranty

For this review, we will look at the Plushbed Botanical Bliss 10 inch mattress.

Cover and the Wool

The cover is made from 100% organic cotton with a woolen layer underneath it. The cover is not only plush and soft, but it is highly breathable. Most manufacturers weave the wool but what makes the cover breathable is the fact that Plushbed knits the wool instead of weaving it. What this means is that it is soft, allows for a wrinkle-free cover, stretch without distortion no matter the weight applied to the mattress. The Plushbed Mattress is aesthetically pleasing with a white cover, and organic cotton stitched at the top. The top, as well as side panels, have a wave stitch that adds style to the cover, but other than that, it is moderately subdued.

Plushbed uses 100% natural Joma wool, which aids in temperature regulation and it allows you to breathe better when asleep. When the atmosphere is humid, the wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still feel dry, so if you sweat a lot, the wool will absorb it and significantly reduce the moisture level on the cover in the hot and humid summer nights. The wool is also fire retardant besides being dust mite resistant, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.


Most of the mattress in the market have one or two layers of latex foam; some manufacturers use latex variants and claim it is organic. Plushbed Mattresses are 100% natural and they come in different thickness ranging from 9 inches to 13 inches.

The Top Layer

Every Plushbed mattress has a temperature regulating top layer and they use a mixture of organic cotton and 100% natural Joma wool from New Zealand. The cotton provides maximum pressure relief and serves as a fiber layer barrier.

Middle Layer

The middle layer is designed for cooling and comfort, and it is made with 3 inches of 100% Talalay latex. This layer provides support and works to relieve pressure points. The latex offers amazing bounce, great comfort with cooling properties. This layer provides equal support across the mattress as well as comfort for users on the heavier side.

Base Layer

This layer is 6 inches thick and uses organic ARPICO latex made from the sap of naturally growing rubber trees. The layer provides the essential support for the Talalay latex foam layer above it. If you are on the heavier side, this layer will provide deep compression support for good sleep.

Feel, Support, and Density

Plushbed offers different density variants on a scale of 10. Low-density Plushbed mattress has a firmness density of 3.5 out of 10, a medium density at 5-6.5 out of 10, and high density at 8.5 out of 10. The mattress I tested for this review was a medium density Plushbed mattress with a score of 3.5, but if you are on the heavier side, you might want to go for a mattress with a higher firmness score.

Lying on the mattress, gives a general feeling of comfort, relief from pressure, topped off with a bouncy response. The latex Plushbed Mattress has a rounded mold contour around your body compared to the sharp contour of a memory foam mattress.

The support of a latex Plushbed mattress is like no other; it eliminates any pressure points that the body might try to create. No matter your sleeping position, whether on your back, side or on your stomach, the mattress distributes the weight equally, by pushing back against the body, while maintaining comfort, for maximum support.

How Plushbed Botanical Bliss Mattress Compare To Other Premium Mattresses

Plushbed Botanical Bliss Vs Nectar Sleep

The aesthetics of the Nectar mattress gives it a nice appeal over the all-white appearance of the Plushbed mattress. Nectar sleep matters claim to incorporate new design in the manufacture of their mattresses, but they still use memory foam, while Plushbed mattresses use latex foam for better support and comfort. This is what makes Plushbed mattress more expensive.

Plushbed Botanical Bliss Vs Bear Mattress

Bear mattress slightly outranks the Plushbed mattress in this matchup, in that they last longer even for people with a heavier build. However, the Plushbed botanical bliss mattress is best suited for people with chemical sensitivities, and since you never know all of your allergens, it gains one over the bare mattress.

Plushbed Botanical Bliss Vs Avocado Green Mattress

The difference between the two mattresses is that the Avocado Green mattress has a green edge lining as well as the brand name written on the side panel. This makes it more aesthetically pleasing, and that is as far as the differences go. They are both have the gold standard and offer 100-night sleep guarantee.

Plushbed Botanical Bliss Vs SleepOvation

The Plushbed mattress easily takes the win here, it not only has a longer warranty, but it is reversible, and it fits in an adjustable bed. However, the SleepOvation mattress is lighter and less expensive.

Plushbed Mattress Vs Voila Mattress

The Viola mattress is a luxurious hybrid mattress and uses more layers to smooth out the pressure points. It also has pocket coils, and this gives it more bounce. The Plushbed mattress is a made from latex and lacks the coils, but it still can take on the Voila mattress.

Final Remarks

Most of Plushbed’s competitors incorporate pocket springs and extra layers in order to give comfort and support. However, with the high-quality materials used to make the Plushbed mattresses, it comes out on top. Given the moderate aesthetics, it is one of the best mattresses in the market today; you will be looking to get home to your Plushbed mattress.

Plushbed mattress price ranges between $549 and $4798 depending on the size of the mattress. They have a referral program where you can help friends and family get $50 off on their first Plushbed mattress.

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