Purple vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress – Which Purple Is Best? (2020 REVIEW)

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Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress: https://mattressclarity.co/PurpleHybridPremier

So, you’ve decided on a Purple mattress! Which one should you choose? Check out our Purple vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress comparison to find out!

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0:00 Purple Vs Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress Review Introduction
0:31 Mattress Similarities
1:11 Mattress Differences
1:44 Purple Mattress Construction
3:24 What Does The Purple Mattress Feel Like?
4:13 Sleeping On The Purple Mattress
5:13 Pressure Map
5:34 Is The Purple Mattress Good For Couples?
6:20 Who Should Get The Purple Mattress?
6:56 Who Should Get The Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress?
7:21 How To Unbox The Purple Mattress
7:51 Wrap-Up

The Purple mattresses are some of the most on the bed in a box market. They all feature a hyper-elastic gel polymer that is both comfortable and pressure-relieving at the same time.

They offer numerous models, including the Purple mattress and Purple Hybrid Premier mattress. They both have a lot to offer, but they will be a better fit for different types of sleepers.

The Purple mattress should work better for medium-weight sleepers and those who prefer a mattress that is a bit firmer. It will also be the more affordable mattress.

The Purple Hybrid Premier mattress should be better for heavy people, side sleepers, and those who want a softer mattress.

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