Silk and Snow Hybrid Mattress Review (2020) – Is It Right For You?

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To help you decide if the Silk & Snow Hybrid is a good mattress for you, I tested it for key features like firmness, pressure relief, motion transfer, and edge support to give. I also took a look at the materials that make up the #SilkandSnow Hybrid to give you an idea of how it’s going to feel.

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0:00 Silk & Snow Hybrid Review
0:15 Is the Silk & Snow Hybrid Firm?
2:00 Testing the Silk & Snow Hybrid
4:34 What is the Silk & Snow Hybrid made of?
6:26 Does a Silk & Snow Mattress need a box spring?
6:45 Can you flip a Silk & Snow mattress?
7:03 Where are Silk & Snow mattresses made?
7:11 Is the Silk & Snow Hybrid good?
7:42 Silk & Snow complaints
7:59 Silk & Snow company policies

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