Sleep Ovation Mattress Review

SleepOvation mattress uses a different approach from the traditional approach of mattress designs. This mattress is colloquially known as the 700 mattresses-in-one because it has been designed with 700 pieces of foam each on top of its unique pocket spring. The mattress, therefore, looks like it’s created with several segmented squares which may not be appealing to some people, but which enables a more independent spring movement. There is a market flooding of bed-in-a-box products like the SleepOvation mattress, and because of this, companies have to come up with unique designs and attractive build. SleepOvation uses a unique innovation in their mattresses, but does this make them unique? If so, is this uniqueness to their advantage?

• Pocket coil spring with a carbon steel spring inside and a fabric covering.
• Foam cylinders enclosed in a fabric pocket.
• Individual cushions made of a high-density foam cylinder
• Single cushion pocket with an assigned pocket spring coil.
• Elastin and knit polyester

Features of SleepOvation Mattress

Patented High Tech Design
SleepOvation’s revolutionary design features 700 tiny mattress pieces arranged side-by-side for the ultimate comfort in a mattress. By this design, independent pocket coils are arranged strategically next to each other, and each coil has a mattress piece. This creates air channels that prevent the mattress from trapping air. The coil system also creates an easy channel for pressure relief.

Motion Transfer
The unique design of SleepOvation mattress makes it easier for this hybrid bed to isolate motion. The design keeps every coil and its foam independent from another as they culminate in small columns and rows. This means that excess movement by the sleeper is transferred directly under his or her weight instead of being distributed to the other parts of the bed. If there are two sleepers, the movement of one does not disturb the partner at all.

Active Cooling Air Channels
The coil design of the mattress together with the sealed cushions forms air pathways that promote a steady air flow. Memory foam mattresses are known for trapping a lot of heat; the SleepOvation coil technology found a solution to this problem. The design makes the mattress breathable which allows you to sleep cool until morning without getting hot and sweaty. There is also a knit cover that further promotes the breathability of the mattress.

Individual Vertebrae Support
This mattress offers sleepers the necessary amount of support for their back irrespective of their size or shape. There are 700 individual cells which provide spinal support for the sleeper and subsequently improved comfort. What makes SleepOvation support system different from other companies is that this is not a multiple rate pocket spring system. In the conventional system, springs of varying diameters are placed next to each other and then filled with low-quality foams. Interestingly these are also advertised as “support layers” although the design is merely an addition of height. The separated segments in the SleepOvation mattress offer a unique kind of support that provides the ultimate support.

Superior Responsiveness
This mattress features a quilted, internal (FR) mattress pad that adds to the elasticity already created by the independent foam. It, therefore, possesses an unmatched ability to conform to one area without the firmness of other areas being affected. Moreover, the mattress can easily adjust to the size and weight of individual sleepers.

Removable Quilted Fire Cap
There are typically two coverings for this mattress. When you get the mattress you find the first cover with a zipper, this cover will help you maintain the cleanliness of your mattress as you can wash it and then put it back.

Then there is another removable quilted fire cap cover that resembles a mattress pad. This functions as a fire barrier but also helps keep the mattress stay in shape.

Edge Support
Only when you sit at the edge of the bed will you notice the one miscalculation that was done in the design of this mattress. Although the “tiny mattresses” are great for sleeping cool, minimal motion transfer and creating accurate support they don’t do justice to the stability of the edge. The edges function greatly from end to end and side to side but because they are not reinforced and lack encasement you get less support while sleeping at the edge of the bed.

Trial Period
You are given a 100 night trial period with the purchase of any SleepOvation mattress. This is more than three years of a risk-free trial period and if during this time you discover that the mattress doesn’t deliver to your expectations, you simply return it and get a full refund.

This product also comes with a 10-year warranty that protects the buyer from any material or manufacturer defects. This is an assurance that the company believes in the product they are selling to you.

•The unique design, construction, and features of this mattress give it a competitive edge over its competitors.
•It’s breathable which allows all-night long sleep that is uninterrupted by heat or sweating.
•It has excellent contouring that makes it perfect for any size or shape of the room.
•There is a trial period given for the mattress which allows for testing.
•Individually sealed cushion pockets allow users to vacuum in between to eliminate allergens, bacteria, dirt, and dust. This mattress is allergy free and unlike others won’t trigger asthma or skin infections.
• The mattress ensures the highest levels of hygiene possible thanks to the zip-off removable and washable cover. There is also access to the cushion layers that allow for further vacuuming.
•100 percent money back guarantee (trial period) which offers confidence for your purchase.

•The segmented squares created by the pocket spring design may not be attractive to some.
•The mattress is a little more expensive than others on the market.

Measurements, Dimensions, and Price
This mattress comes in different size, each with its unique price (as listed on the company website).
-Cal King (72″ x 84″ x 12″; 116 lbs.) – $1,649
-King (76″ x 80″ x 12″; 113 lbs.) – $1,649
-Queen (60″ x 80″ x 12″; 90 lbs.) – $1,449
-Full (54″ x 75″ x 12″; 77 lbs.) – $1,249
-Twin XL (39″ x 80″ x 12″; 60 lbs.) – $1,149
-Twin (39″ x 75″ x 12″; 56 lbs.) -$1,049

Who is this mattress best suited for?
This mattress is ideal for you if:
•You suffer from chronic back pain, discomfort, restlessness and seek as much support and comfort as possible.
•You seek a mattress with the most unique features and that provides premium independent support for ideal spinal placement and alignment.
•You are looking for a mattress that’s easy to clean and maintain, particularly if you are prone to allergies like dust mites.
•You seek a hybrid mattress with minimal motion transfer and sleeps very cool.
•You want a bed that’s comfortable to share with a partner, kids or pets.
•You are a rolling sleeper (frequently change positions).
•You desire a cooling mattress.
•You want a mattress that aids pressure relief in back and joint ache.
•You seek a mattress that is chiropractor endorsed.

Who is this mattress not right for?
This mattress may not be a good choice if:
• You prefer a traditional mattress design.
•You are looking for innerspring, latex or pure memory foam.
•You want an extra firm or extra soft mattress.

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